••• Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WTFF Wednesday 

As in What, The Foot Fetish?

This is a Kinda Ken doll which Cakers requested for Christmas. He's actually Prince Derek the Derelict, an alleged cobbler turned prince who apparently gets his freak on by sneaking girlie dancing shoes to the main characters in the Made for DVD Barbie movie, The 12 or 13 or How Many Ever Dancing Princesses.

And that is exactly how the Derelict Doll comes in the package, with 12 pairs of girls' dancing shoes. Now, if you didn't know the story line, WTF would you think?

I know.


The MEME Season
Over a week ago, Rabbitch blessed me with the 6 Weird Things Meme. And it goes something like this: Identify 6 weird things about yourself and then tag some other people and let the other people know they are tagged via comments at their blog.

1) When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend named Boo who would beat me up. I'm not kidding. Boo lived in a tree in the wooded lot near my home. She looked a lot like me, except she had twigs in her hair and a filthy face, and I just had twigs in my hair. Most of the time Boo was relatively harmless and would merely hiss at me from her perch. Every once in a while, though, she'd scramble down the tree to give me a sound punch in the stomach. I would then run crying home to my mom who would yell at me for making up weird shit. Honest. To. God. Ida passed a lie detector on this one.

2) When I was a little girl, I wanted to look like this:

I would stand in front of a mirror for long periods of time, tugging on my nose to get the effect. Way Weird was that my mother confessed to doing the same thing when she was a girl. I know. ::Maybe Boo was just trying to knock some sense into me, eh?::

3) I will not enter the stall of a public bathroom if the water in the toilet bowl is moving even a little from the last flush. I definitely will not enter a stall if the previous owner is still in the bathroom.

4) I am messy and disorganized and hate to clean house. Hate. It. But I love to clean my kitchen sink with old fashioned Comet Cleanser.

5) When I am on a walk and a jogger is jogging at me, I will hold my breath from the time the jogger is about 6 feet in front of me until he/she jogs past. If a jogger passes me from behind, I will hold my breath for 10 seconds after he/she passes. This is to make up for the seconds I should have been holding my breath on the approach, but wasn't holding my breath because I didn't know the jogger was coming at me. Every time I go on a walk, I pray that I won't cross paths with any running clubs.

6) I have some weird laundry habits. I love to sort dirty laundry but I hate to put it away. My very most favorite laundry activity is to load up the whites and watch the clothes go 'round and 'round until pulled down by the agitator. I watch this action until the water turns gray. I only do it with whites. My other favorite laundry activity is cleaning the corners of the lint trap with a metal bbq skewer. I sometimes need to be wrenched away from this one. What I need is some really long ass tweezers....hmmm.

I'm tagging Junior Goddess, down there in East Cupcake Texas and Denise and hmmm, Sarah.

And anyone else who wants it. I can't remember how many I'm supposed to tag but if this were a 7 Weird things MEME, you might learn that I can be dangerously oppositional.

I realize this is a second post in one day, but I still have some bad post karma to burn. K?

I'm still kind of mad at knitting so haven't done any in awhile. I am working on that though.

P.S. I'm suddenly not feeling well and need to lie down. I'll meme tag peeps later. yikes.

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