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Okay. I wasn't really going to put the hat and the Koolaid in the washer together. I got Stupid, not crazy.

But I did microwave me some Black Cherry goodness.

And I did find me a Big-Ass Button. For my hat.

And seriously, I don't wanna know no nothing 'bout no other kind of Ass Button. Big or otherwise. But thank you very much anyway, MOG and Jen,for offering up the intriguing thoughts in comments.

Pattern: Republic, by Nik

Yarn: That Lopi Lookalike stuff that has too many consonants in its name.

Color: Black Cherry Kool-aid over Buttery Sallow.

Button: Big-Ass Button from Hancock Fabrics. I found it on a repeat visit in search of a compromise size.
This is a really quick knit (minus Stupid) and an a well executed pattern. And it's free! Thanks again Nik.

And yes, I look like hell. And no, I don't care.

The color here is not a good representation of the true flavor. I'll try a better shot later this week, in daylight.

Dis Clammer
Please don't let my quasi-normal posting schedule fool you. We are busier than ever over here, and most days I can hardly believe we're all making it out the door and back home again, in our respective pieces.

I thought Cabana boy was busy a month ago. Whoo boy. Those were days of wine and roses, baby, compared to his current load. He's been working 20 hour days for the past week. ::And still runs little errands for me, like filling the tank and fetching wine. Whatta sweetie. He claims that he needs the break, but I know he loves feeling needed.::

Today Cabana Boy called me at work to tell me he was off to yet another beating.

You mean meeting?
That's what I said. Meeting.
You said beating.
I did say beating. I said I was going to a beating.
I'm scared.

His little Tysonian slip ended up being a bit prophetic. Poor guy. But just a couple more weeks and he'll be gainfully unemployed, and I'll have my Cabana Boy back.

My job has been a butt boil as well, these past weeks months. I swear my caseload has been staying up nights, devising ways to contort itself into new and unusual and uncontortable formations. You know things are going to shit when you're sitting in a meeting and hear "We still haven't heard back from the Feds..." regarding a situation near and dear. And no, they weren't talking about Brittny's bits.

I really need to get some new knit thing cast on tonight, now that I'm over my Republican Stupid.

Say Goodnight Stupid.

Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child.-Dan Quayle

P.S. I am too tired to proof. ::Poof::

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