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Wherein the Mighty Sklawg Done Smite Me Hither 

::No, a monkey has not flown out of anybody's behind.I really am posting twice within a 3 day period.::

1) Sinus Sklawg- For two weeks now, I’ve had this sinus thing I can only describe as Sklawg. Sinus Sklawg. Sinus Sklawg is stuff. Stuff that mostly hangs around in my head, without really bothering anybody. Every once in awhile, however, the Sklawg comes downtown for a visit. Usually it’s at a most inopportune moment, like when I’m about to make an earth shatteringly profound statement in a meeting of very important people. Wherein I am forced to stop mid-Earth-shatteringly-profound-thought to make a slightly downward urp gesture with my chin, followed by the not so-earth-shatteringly profound thought: “What the hell was that?” When I can finally speak, I sound like I’m channeling a bowl of cream of wheat.

2) Work Sklawg- For months now, I’ve had this work thing I can only describe as Sklawg. Work Sklawg. Work Sklawg is stuff. Stuff that mostly hangs around in the heads of other people, without really bothering anybody. Every once in awhile, however, the Sklawg comes out for a visit, in the form of some uniquely bizarre event or Drop-Everything-Now-And-Perform-This-Uniquely-Bizarre-Task-Which-We-Just-Today-Discovered-Falls-Distinctly-Under-Your-Job-Description. Of course this will occur at a most inopportune moment, like when I’m up to my brainballs in Very Important Report, complete with a heavily looming and non-negotiable deadline. Wherein I am forced to remove my fingers from the keyboard, swipe the zone-induced drool from my chin, and ask the Current-Sklawg-Bearer-Who-Stands-Before-Me “Yeahsss?”. This person could be of student, administrator or co-worker ilk, but always the bearer of the Sklawg has a story/task/bikini-wax-trauma that will top all those that have shadowed my keyboard before them. To date.

At the conclusion of the presented tale, I will make a slightly downward urping gesture with my chin and think: “What the hell was that?” When I can finally speak, I sound like I’m channeling a tube of anchovy paste.

3)Home Sklawg-Let's just say that there's stuff. And people. And urp-like chin gestures. And when I speak, it sounds like I'm channeling an oyster fork in my eye.

Ima Gonna Be a Sock Star!
Thanks for all the support and encouragement on my Intendamental accomplishments and for the ideas for my first sock pattern. I had meant to email personal responses to contributors, but over the last month or so, I’ve been busier than a three-legged River Dancer.

Last week we had a bogus snow day. :: It started out as a 2 hour delay, information which was not relayed to me until I was 3 minutes from the office. One hour into the two hour delay, a snow day was proclaimed. I ended up staying for a couple of hours longer, after discovering that on a real or imagined snow day, there is never a line at the copy machine. ::

Anyway, after blowing half of my first snow day of the year at work, I indulged myself in a little trip to the yarn store, where I picked up a little bit of this:

:: It's called Magico. I think I'll need it.::

After some very careful research ::I compared your recommendations to pattern books I had on hand.:: I decided to go with Ann Budd’s pattern from that book with the socks and sweaters and hats and stuff. To my grave disappointment, once home from the yarn shop, I realized I didn’t have #1 needles, and haven’t had a chance to get out since. At least now I have a plan. And some yarn.

At the yarn store they were having a sale on Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

I snagged three skeins of the gray and two of creepy yellow.

Cut to the Chase
About Wednesday of last week, I realized that I had a cut and color appointment on the upcoming Saturday, and needed a gift for my stylist. What with a handful of lovely Cashmerino and full access to the internets, what was a girl to do but whip up a lovely something or other?

Isn't it simply Dashing?

I finished it Saturday night, not long after I gave my beloved stylist a packet of freshly minted photo note cards.

The stylist loved the cards, and I'm not too broken up about being stuck with some Cashmerino wrist warmers.

::And yes, we have no thumb stubs. After a pathetic attempt on the first one, I gave up. Evidently, when it comes to knitting thumb stubs, I’m all pinkies.::

Maybe Cute, But She Snow Bunny.

::Photos taken off the Auto mode. No idea what setting though. I just twirl and shoot. I'm guessing snow shots are a safe bet for this methodology.::

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