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Sunday's Cool 

And The Nominees Are...


1) Gibknits. She's sweet, generous, talented, really talented and has a wonderful laugh. Okay, that last one you wouldn't necessarily know from just reading her blog, but now you do. Most important: She's my friend. And I Lurves Her.

2) Rabbitch. She's really funny. And kinda scary. And her name has Bitch. ::Can blog readers catch Stockholm Syndrome?::

3) Niksknits. Nik is someone I believe I would be instantly comfortable with, were we to meet in the real world. She's a clever designer, smart and funny, and never takes herself too seriously.

4) Reddogknits-I don't much care for the freckles on her but the horsemen knew her. 'Nuf said. And she draws a mean tampon wrapper.

5) Panopticon-Duh.

6) The Darwin Exception.-I found this blog last fall, on a google for a sewing tip. Somehow I didn't bookmark the site and lost her for awhile. She's got an interesting life going, that's for sure. Her observations and prose remind me a bit of Gwyn, of Woolly Mama fame. Check out her Neighbors category.

7) The Knitting Channel. I've been trying to come up with an apt, brief description of Betsy, and I'm not confident that I can do her justice, in abbreviated terms. But here goes anyway: a) She's a real fast knitter. b) She's a real good knitter. c) She loves knitting tams but she doesn't know why. c) She's lead a very interesting life and hints, at times, that it hasn't been all Peaches and Herb. d) She suffers no fools gladly, or at all for that matter. e) She has strength of character and f) a sense of humor and g)I think she is the kind of person I'd want by my side in the trenches h) which has nothing at all to do with the fact that f) She knows her way around an M16. ::I trust she was kidding about the cat thing.::

8) Sandy's Knitting. Sandy, Sandy, Sandy. She's genuinely upbeat and sweet, without a smidge of saccharine. Nope. All Chirp. No Urp. That's our Sandy.

9) Rachael. Rachael lives a rich life and I love how she paints it for us, through her writing. When I read her posts, I feel like I'm right there, soaking sunbeams with a critter, or having a cuppa joe on the porch. She is love.

10) JenLa. They are the heartbeat Knitblogistan.

Please Just Sleeve Me Alone

::This Mission Probable Possible stint is going to send me back into therapy. Maybe it's God's plan. To feed the therapists of the world with the remnants of what remains of what used to be a moderately intact psyche. I'm close to figuring it out though. I'll keep you posted.::

Souper Bowl Sunday

Cabana took to the kitchen this afternoon, and whipped up a pot of chicken rice soup. The recipe was pretty standard fare, except for the surprise element of fresh mint. It tasted kind of weird to me, at first. Not at all minty, but kind of licorice-y. However, after about 2.5 slurps, I was all about the weird. Yum.

Here's to an evening of tight ends and fresh balls.

*The rules are, if you're nominated, you pick 10 bloggers who make your day, and pass it on. You're supposed to leave every person a comment about the nomination. I prefer to just put it out there and nominees are free to do with it what they will.

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Awwww. YOU are love, dollface. xo
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