••• Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday's FO is Filled With Child 

Pattern: A Bastardization of Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Willamsbro.

Yarn: Encore

What I Didn't Do: Read the directions all the way through before starting, nor did I look at the picture closely and neither did I comprehend that the contrast yarn was suppose to be a weight or two up from the main. I cast on with the contrast without realizing that the contrast was added later, by picking up stitches along the bottom and knitting in stockinette. So there I was, in the contrast part, cabling along with the main color part and when I realized the error of my cables, I decided I was keeping it as is. I also changed the cable pattern, on purpose.
Please excuse the jammies and the unwashed face and electric hair. With the temps hovering at 147 degrees below zero, in the shade, it's been Sunday Morning 'round here, all day.

And no, she's not signing to her homies. That's just standard Cakers' Sunday- Morning-All-Day casual fare.

Snow Rest for the Dreary
I tried to capture a shot of the blizzardy Snow Devils blowing down the street, but apparently, like witches and vampires, their images cannot be captured.

So instead, I bring you Shiver Me Timbers:

Shiver you.
Shiver me.
Shiver shadows
From a tree.

P.S. Today's Finished Object is sponsored by Mission Possible '08.

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