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Random Wednesday 

We're back from the cottage. We stayed until the ice melted.
Well. Almost.

I may share more about the ice watch, later this week. For now I'll just say that watching the ice melt is not as cushy a job as it sounds.

Random is as Random Does
1. ::Spoiler Alert:: While standing in the checkout lane at the grocery store yesterday, I read on the cover of a magazine that there is a huge surprise birthday party in the works, for Baby Suri.

My thinking: Isn't the first birthday a surprise all by itself?

2. The lady in front of me at the check-out placed all her items in the middle of the conveyor, leaving a nearly perfect four-inch margin on either side. And she didn't just set the stuff down. She organized and stacked it into neat little towers. Box on box, yogurt on yogurt. ::But The Cheese Stands Alone.::

I am proud to say that I successfully fought the urge to bowl her groceries, with can of soup. However, in keeping with that instinct to ensure and perpetuate a sense of balance in the universe, I splayed my grocery shit all over the grocery docking area. For good measure, opened and flung about a box of elbow macaroni.

3. I made that last part up.

4. ::Spoiled Spoiler Alert:: My sources just informed me that Baby Suri is actually turning two.

Who put the random back in random? I did. That's who. And don't ever forget it.

But I'm sure that Suri is still feeling the surprise from that first one. And I'm not just saying that. Because I'm an idiot.

5. So now we're calling her Toddler Suri?

6.Ever notice those people who neatly organize their groceries in the shopping cart? I do not understand this. It's not like the bagger boy keeps it all straight and that it doesn't all end up in the same place anyway; overcrowded in a grocery bag, on top of the bread.

7. I am not a neat grocery cart keeper. I am not a neat anything. Remember my messy purse? My car currently looks like the inside of my messy purse. Minus the tampons. As of yesterday. ::Gotta love finding a cache of feminine hygiene under a backseat, in an emergency. Although my husband might not agree, based on comments made after his last ski weekend with the guys. They took his car. That time it was plethora of pads.::

8. I finished a sock. The yarn is Opal something. The color is Rendez-Vous.

9. I have recently decided that I only want to knit socks. This creates a certain amount of cognitive and emotional tension seeing as how I have 2 skeins of sock yarn and a basement full of the other kind.

10. I started a new project. A sweater. It goes by the name Wicked. .

10. a. After casting on the 126 stitches, and knitting four rows in the round, I decided that the yarn and the pattern were not a good match. It looked assy.

10. b. I ripped it out.

10. c. I spent the better part of Wednesday looking through pattern books for a more appropriate pattern for the yarn. ::I MUST knit the yarn up as part of Mission Possible 2008. It's on the list.::

10. d. I kept coming back to Wicked.

10. e. In an IM Wednesday, I shared my despair with good IM listener Kristi, who told me that she loves the Wicked too and plans to knit it someday. Evidently that Kristi has a powerfully therapeutic way about her, cause next thing I know I'm typing "Thems fightin' words, bay-itch. Wicked is mine. You're goin'daaown."

10. f. I did a swatch of the neckline pattern on a smaller needle and with a minor adaptation of the pattern. It looked much less assy.

10 g. I cast on again, the 126 stitches in the round. At the end of the first round I was startled to find that I was two stitches short from being able to complete the last section of pattern.

10. h. I re-read the instructions and found, much to my oyster-fork-to-the-eye-inducing rage gentle chagrin, that I was supposed to cast on 128 stitches, not 126. I did not catch this error the first time around (and around) because it was not as obvious without the slight, self-imposed change in the pattern.

10. i. I ripped and re-cast.

10. j. I knit around and around. It looked good. It felt good. Life was good.

10. k. This morning I picked it up to take a picture for your blogging pleasure.

10. l. I found that my sweater is not only Wicked, but Twisted.

10. m.

11. I have most recently decided that I only want to knit socks.

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