••• Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall EquiNuts 

Into The Darkness.
Over the Labor Day weekend at the cottage, I started an End of Summer post. But instead of finishing the post, I went on a float. On a lake. ::Had you been in my position, I'm sure you'd've done the same.:: And then I went home. And then I went to work. And then my daughter started 2nd grade. Complete with homework every day. But with beautiful weather, she'd rather play. And then my husband took a second job. Working evenings. In the basement. So close. And yet, not so much. So I cook alone. And co-parent with a voice from the basement. A voice that belongs up here. And who misses us as much as we do it. And then there was more stuff. To blog. And still, I didn't. And don't. I couldn't. And can't. And yet the stuff keeps coming. And doing. And is still with me. Somewhere. Floating in my brain, like half-witted ghosts heading for the light. But get distracted by the moths. And mayflies. And grandma's Jim Dandies. With whom they share the well-lit path. To nowhere. Or is it Russia? Anyway. Seeing as how these half-wits can't seem to blog themselves out of an open Ritalin bottle, I blog The Undead. The Post That Won't Die. The Booger That Won't Flick.

What I Did
I am not sure of the proper procedures for blogging the undead, and ended up just spraying it with a lovely vanilla bean air freshener, then deleting a bunch of text.

But I saved the pictures.
Hoping they'd tell a story.
Kind of schizy.
About summer gone.
And all the things I still wanted to do...

...Like take a boat ride in our jammies.

Bake a peach pie.

And blueberry.

And share the recipe. Well seasoned.

Take a bus downtown to the Children's Museum.
Where we bubbled.

And magnetized.

And stretched our legs.

I wanted to take more pictures.
Off Auto.
Without a net.

I really like that one. Even though the exposure is wrong, it seems like the colors all go together. And the rafts floating at the end of the dock, which I didn't even notice until last night. And the minute texture in the overexposed (eek!) water.

The End.

••• Monday, September 01, 2008

The Fall of Summer 

Today's post was originally to be a recap of my activities over the last few weeks of summer. Said post included no small amount of whine, woe and pity patty.

BUT. Over the extended weekend, a wonderful and glorious and magical thing happened to the descent of the season: It took an unexpected bounce.

And in its trajectory, I basked like a whore on holiday.

::Note: The following clip contains no bottled appearance of a popular,lime-laced Mexican beer. However, I do hope that you hang with it long enough to catch a glimpse of some bouncy, chocolate surprise.::

P.S. I have no idea why there are two windows with the video. Seeing as how it took me 1.5 hours to get the video to show itself here, I'm leaving be.

P.P.S. The recording took place September 1, 2:00-ish in the afternoon.