••• Thursday, January 22, 2009

I-Need-Therapy Thursday 

Yesterday I had a bad day at work. There was no one big thing, really, but several big things. In relation to one another, these things presented themselves with eerily precise un-timeliness. With the combination of perfect choreography and the immediate, negligible impact of each event, it was almost spooky.

Think Tchiakovsky, in a mosh pit.

I was so fried by the end of the day, that as I walked to my car I was overcome with the happy thought: " Yay! It's the parking lot!" You know, like "Yay! it's the weekend!" Except it wasn't. The weekend. It was just the parking lot.

My Big Behind
I'm behind in all things everything.
Especially the knitting, blogging, thinking and drinking.

I did finish one of my baby cable socks. I was supposed to be done with these by early January. They are for my boss who won them in a silent auction. Well, it wasn't a true bid. She asked me if she could pay me to knit her a pair of socks and I told her I'd do it for a cash donation to the charity event. I need to get this task behind me, cuz I'm sick to death of knitting under mandated duress.

One of my Mission Possible '08 goals was to complete this sleeveless sweater that I nearly completed when my blog was two months old. For five years it remained in a perpetual state of Undead, awaiting only side seams.

Every time I took it out to complete it, I thought "ew". When I put it up to me and looked in the mirror, I thought "ew, ew." And after sewing the front and back together, I put it on and thought "Too big. Too burly. Make me want to gag and hurly." Followed by, “Ew. Ew. Ew.”

I approached the final 15 minutes of production with dread. Convinced this sweater was not the one for me, I found myself thinking of potential recipients. When I finished it, I did try it on just as my husband walked into the room.

"That looks gooood..." He said, while wiping a string of spittle from his chin. ::Interpret as: "Those boobs look gooood..."::

With the assumption that my husband was seeing me through testosterone colored glasses, I went to the mirror to see for myself, and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.

Yesterday I wore it to work as a component of this ensemble, and felt mod and sassy all day long.

And yes, my boobs looked gooood. ::I probably should have stuffed a couple of empty rubber maid bowls in there, in the spirit of fair and accurate reporting. And I don't usually stand that straight.::

P.S. The sweater pattern was an Elann freebie and the yarn is Reynolds Cabana.

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