••• Sunday, January 13, 2008

Socks in the Afternoon 

And No, This is Not the New Years Post. Yet. Still.

Last FO of 2007, Please Meet the First of '08:

As soon as I finished this, I experienced a tiny needled emptiness and immediately wanted to cast on for another pair. Except I don't have any sock yarn.

A pairently, I really am a sock knitter.

Pattern: From Ann Budd's book of patterns.
Yarn: Lana Grossa Magico.

As you were.

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They look great. There's plenty of sock yarn to try. From Austermann to Zitron, there are plenty of companies to choose from, and plenty of colors to suit anyone's taste. :D
what? no sock stash? ;) very lovely socks!!

go buy more yarn.
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